Sunday, January 15, 2006


Friday, November 04, 2005

Xenophobia part2

I was surprised to hear the interesting example that the author wrote.

He lives in Japan and sometimes take a taxi.
Most of the time, he is asked from the taxi driver that where he is from .
When he answers, the driver says, "Don't you want to go back to your country? It is much more comfortable living in your own country isn't it?"

I guess the driver has no malice saying this, but for the author, it is unbelievable that the driver saying that. Because, he lives very happy in Japan and likes Japan as well as his own country.

He thinks that Japanese has a same recognition that everyone loves and always want to be in or go back to their own country.

But, that's not always the truth.

Thinking about me, I might have this kind of recognition, too.
I thought maybe this kind of feeling connects to that Japanese are said to be xenophobia.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Do you thinik we are ?

Today, in my reading class, we read about how we Japanese are looked at from foreigners.
And the author says Japanese are xenophobes.
The examples he wrote was the Japanese "miso soup".
He says that some travelers from Japan bring some instant miso soup with them while traveling.
Even some brings rice and a rice cooker .


Well, I think he is half right and half wrong.
Of course, I don't bring miso or rice with me while traveling.
I can understand the feelings who brings with them.
It is not because we don't like foreign foods.
It's because we love our food too much.

Rice and miso are too special for us Japanese.
Most of us eat them at least once a day.
It's like a daily routine, I guess.
I don't want to be seen as a xenophobes for just eating miso soup.

But there are more reasons that we are seen as a xenophobes.

I'll write it later.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Ray Charles.
There is no need to explain about him.
He made the foundation of the soul music, and made big influence on the music we listen to now.

I saw the movie "Ray" .
While his songs were great hits in his young time, his private life was horrible.
He did drugs, he was having affairs with many women, he betraid his old friend and so on.

But one thing that I was impressed was that he announced that he will not have a concert that there are segregation seats between blacks and whites.
At that time, his homestate Gerogia had a very strict segregation policy.
So, he was banned from Georgia.

I thought he made black and white people come closer through his music.
Before his music, both black and white people sang and danced together.

Now, people all over the world love to listen to the great black music.
I think it owes to Ray.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

A Cambodian Rapper

I saw a document video about a cambodian rapper who lives in the states.
He was born in a shed because his family was escaping from from the Por Poto .
His family and himself is a refugee.

Now he has grown up and became a rapper.
He sings about his history or the feelings of Cambodians.
His songs are well recieved to especially black people.

I thought that it's because both black people and Cambodians had something similar.
They have a hard history in their roots, and living in America as a monority.
Maybe they were discriminated.

It really pained me listening to his raps.
His raps were the voices of sadness by all Cambodian people who had escaped and reached to America.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

What I thought about...

I thought that the cartoon was telling us the endless dispute in the human society.
Even if a new group has been made up by a fight of two diffrent groups,it's not the end.
That new group will find other groups that are different from themselves and start to fight again.

When does the world become peace??

I think everyone has desire to have superiority over others. And this is the basic cause that discrimination or dispute occurs.
That is why people don't stop fighting even if they know that they will get hurt or die.
People makes the same mistakes.

Monday, October 03, 2005